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    3. Guangdong Wanjiada Household Electrical Appliances Co.,ltd
      Gold Supplier
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      Name: ISO9001
      Reference: ABZB15Q20428R0S
      Issued By: BCC
      Validity Period: 2015-09-29 ~ 2018-09-22
      Range: Evaporative Air Cooler assembel & serivce
      Name: CB
      Reference: CN16642
      Issued By: CQC
      Validity Period: 2010-03-10 ~
      Range: Model:LL06, LG05, LL06Z, LG05Z, LL08, LL12
      Name: CB
      Reference: CN16641
      Issued By: CQC
      Validity Period: 2010-02-11 ~
      Range: Model:LL20, LL20Z, LL24, LL32
      Name: CB
      Reference: CN33568
      Issued By: CQC
      Validity Period: 2015-04-01 ~
      Range: Model: LZ10B ,LL06M, LL06M-01,LL06Z,LL08M,LL08M-01
      Name: CE
      Reference: LVD15-5997, EMC15-3065
      Issued By: CVC
      Validity Period: 2015-03-25 ~
      Range: Model: LZ10B, LL06M,LL06M-01, LL06Z,LL08M, LL08M-01
      Name: CE
      Reference: LVD15-5995,EMC15-3066
      Issued By: CVC
      Validity Period: 2015-03-24 ~
      Range: Model:LZ20B, LL24M, LZ32B, LZ24B
      Name: CB
      Reference: CN46647
      Issued By: CQC
      Validity Period: 2019-04-25 ~
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